Q. How do the Inflatable games stay blown up?

A. Electricity is required to keep the games inflated. Standard 120V house current is needed to run the blowers. You will need separate circuits for each blower used. Blowers must be at least 100 feet within the outlet. If generators are needed, we can provide one for a nominal fee.

Q. Does your company carry insurance?

A. Yes, we carry the normal liability insurance required. K&T has even gone the extra mile and carries workers compensation. This protects you, the client, even more.

Q. Do you provide supervision for your games?

A. Absolutely, our company will not bring games to your event without supervision. Our attention and knowledge of how each game should be used prevents accidents. Our first priority is SAFETY for each participating individual.

Q. What kind of area do you need for Inflatables?

A. Basically and flat surface will do. Grass is the best, but other areas are workable. If the areas are wet, we will be glad to put tarps down to help keep the participants clean and dry.

Q. How do you keep Inflatables in place?

A. We put 18" stakes in the ground. If our games are on a gym floor, concrete, asphalt or any hard surface, we provide sand bags for proper safety.

Q. How many people can play on the games?

A. It depends on the game, but generally on Inflatables, 2 - 4 people at a time. We will never overload any game at any time. Safety is our number one goal. Our trained staff monitors games for any rough play, flips or over crowding.

Q. What sizes are your Inflatables?

A. They come in many different shapes and sizes. If you look under our interactive games area, you will see that the dimensions will be listed.

Q. What if it starts raining during our event?

A. We will normally run games during a light mist, but if a down pour comes, we deflate the games, and place tarps over them until the storm passes. This is required for insurance purposes as well as safety.

Q. Can we cancel our event due to weather?

A. Of course! our company stays in touch with you until the day of your event. The only charge that will occur is if we arrive at your event and you decide to cancel at that time in which a travel and labor charge will apply.

Q. Can our event or facility be added to your insurance?

A. Yes, you can be added as an additional insurer at no charge.

Q. Will your company come meet with our group and survey the event area?

A. We strive on customer satisfaction and will be glad to meet with you as many times as needed to get your event off the ground!!

Q. What does your prices include?

A. Our pricing includes all taxes, travel, supervision, and there are no hidden fees. Prices vary due to event length.

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